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These properties are also reflected in the independent online service, FAZ.

Presenting up-to-date facts in a modern and exciting way has always been the goal of the makers of FOCUS, the Munich-based news magazine that has appeared every Monday since“Independent – but not neutral” is how the owner, publisher and editor Karl Gerold once defined the profile of the Frankfurter Rundschau (FR).

Via television, radio and Internet, the Deutsche Welle communicates a picture of Germany and promotes exchange between foreign The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has appeared under the title of “Zeitung für Deutschland” (Newspaper for Germany) since 1949.

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Masoud Aqil was an 'Islamic State' prisoner in Syria.

It must have been in the 90s when Seinfeld compared first dates to "a job interview that lasts all night." Today, you'd be lucky if you get past 12 minutes .

One person's bathroom break on a date is the other's invitation to peek at Tinder or Grindr (if the date isn't going well) - or to live text the possibility of a homerun (if it is).

The announcement follows claims of fraud by the opposition and a lengthy count.

A German rescue organization has been sent to assist a vessel operated by a group of anti-immigration Identitarians in the Mediterranean Sea.