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Absorb the scenery, pick up some interesting facts about the local area, give your brains and legs a gentle workout and stop when and where you want along the way.

Walk by the river Thames in London, stroll the boulevards of Paris, admire Oxford's dreaming spires and more.Everything in between is a puzzle for him to figure out. It’s a romantic scavenger hunt for your boyfriend’s birthday. These experience dates take time to figure out, but they are so worth it.With a little creativity and playfulness, you can create an unforgettable adventure for your boyfriend’s birthday.I wrote that clue out big, cut it into 6 puzzle pieces, and then created 6 clues each with a piece of the puzzle. At Walmart, I purchased cardstock, colored envelopes, KY Yours Mine, and then, I went to the Valentine’s Day section and purchased a DIY Valentine kit. When I originally wrote out my clues, I made sure to note (for myself) the location to hide the clue. Some of them are personal to my husband, such as Hedwig is the name of his car. But, feel free to use any of these clues for your own romantic treasure hunt. Then, I cut up the smaller clues and went to town with my Valentine’s Kit.I also put the clue # on the back of each Valentine, just in case something might get mixed up. I sealed them all in the envelopes, labeled each envelope with its clue number, and then will hide them in their spots. For Clue #7, I will be waiting for him at the bookstore and will hide it in plain sight right by the stacks where he asked me to marry him. For clue #8, I will give it to him at the restaurant.